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What's Inside My Pack?

  • Award-Winning No-Rinse Hair Wash

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

No-Rinse Hair Wash is a sweaty hair refresher that cleans and strengthens hair on-the-go without powders, drying alcohols or white residue.

It leaves your hair refreshed with workable volume and quick, easy application making reviving your style possible any time, any place.


  • Gunk free formula for multi-day use

  • Enzymes deodorize scalp

  • Rebuilds damaged hair

  • Protects color

  • Made for all types of hair

  • Smells Amazing

  • Amino Acids: Modeled after the exact Cell Membrane Complex in hair they provide strength and shine.

  • Green Tea Leaf: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial aka Soothing, Protecting, and Reparative.

  • Chamomile Flower: This scalp soothing ingredient is a naturally derived, earth-friendly, renewable resource. 

  • Dog Rose Fruit: Derived from the seeds of wild rose this antioxidant is regenerating and anti-aging. 

Full ingredients list

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Glycerin, Phenethyl Alcohol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Sodium PCA, Panthenol, Dog Rose Fruit Extract (Rosa Canina), Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Camellia Sinesis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Sodium Lactate, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, PCA (Pyroglutamic Acid or Pidolic Acid), Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Phenylalanin

Best No-Rinse Hair Wash!

" I Love this stuff. Its not like dry shampoo, it actually soaks up the sweat and dries your hair. You can also blow dry after."

Jamie T.

Oklahoma, USA

gym bag essential!

"It works great, I get 3! It's super easy to apply and it doesn't weight down my hair!

I bring it to the gym with me, and honestly swear by it."

Nadine M.

Toronto, Canada

No gunky feeling!

This was the perfect addition to my suitcase on a recent trip. Kept my hair feeling shiny and fresh, without the gunky next day feeling I get from dry shampoo.

Katie L.

Toronto, Canada

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Experience The New Era 

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Experience The New Era Of Clean!

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How To Use No-Rinse Hair Wash? 

Get Ready In Under 10 Minutes!

Find Your Hair Type Below

Step #1 Grab & Pump:

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Made For All Hair Types

Including 99% clean formula features, deodorizing enzymes, hair strengthening proteins, scalp soothing green tea, and  chamomile extracts. Suitable for all the hairstyles!





Is No-Rinse Hair Wash for all hair types?

We designed No-Rinse Hair Wash for all hair types! Just apply more or less depending on the density of your hair. 

What is No-Rinse Hair Wash?

We designed this product with your hair and scalp health in mind. We use ingredients to keep your hair strong and your scalp healthy with it’s microbiome intact. 

How Many Should I buy?

Once you’re hooked you will want to have a bottle close by at all times! Most of our customers love to have one at home and one in their gym bag or purse.

Can I use it anywhere & anytime?

Convenience is one of the reasons we created this product! We want you to feel confident on the go, so yes, apply and fly!

What makes No-Rinse Hair Wash special?

No one can compare to our hair and scalp healthy ingredients, especially made to refresh your style after sweat. Non-aerosol means no toxic chemicals to breathe in and the deodorizing enzymes mean you are battling smells at the source, not just covering them up.

Is this product flammable?

Absolutely not! Unlike aerosols which are highly flammable and explosive in high temperatures (say goodbye to your sunroof if you live in Arizona and leave them in the car) our products do not contain flammable or explosive ingredients.

Why Choose 

No-Rinse Hair Wash?

  • Restore Your Damaged Hair 

  • Designed For Sweaty Hair & Scalp
  • Quick & Effective Cleaning Action

We created a hair product that gives a healthy alternative to dry shampoos for active people.

Our mission is to bring No-Rinse Hair Wash to the world so people can fit in workouts on their terms, no excuses, using clean ingredients that support their body's natural chemistry. Because the last thing that should keep you from health and wellness is your hair!



We are so confident that No-Rinse Hair Wash will become your new best friend so we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.



We are so confident that No-Rinse Hair Wash will become your new best friend so we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.