How do I use No-Rinse Hair Wash?

After you workout, regardless of how sweaty your hair is, apply the foam throughout the hair and style as usual. That’s right- apply directly over the sweat! This product actually activates with the sweat. Make sure to distribute evenly throughout your hair, don't just plop it right on top of your head! If you normally blow-dry hair, blow-dry in your typical style… if you would usually air dry go ahead and let it air dry! Don’t worry, the enzymes are doing their work to deodorize and clean your scalp.

What is No-Rinse Hair Wash?

A cleansing foam that cleans and strengthens your hair and BONUS...protects your color. Signature healthy enzymes balance bad bacteria and oils, amino acids strengthen hair and protect color, chamomile and green tea extracts work to soothe scalp too!

How much No-Rinse Hair Wash should I use?

Fine Density/Virgin - 1 to 3 pumps Medium Density/Color Treated - 3-4 pumps Thick Density/Heavily Processed 4+ pumps This is just a general usage chart, you can adjust to what you feel works best for your length and density. Start with less and gauge how much feels good for you. It should feel slightly damp when you apply but not wet. BONUS: HEAVILY PROCESSED (BLEACHED OR HEAVILY HIGHLIGHTED) - Use more on the porous ends allowing amino acids to start strengthening your hair. You can also use it to refresh ends during the day! BABY FINE - If your hair is VERY fine you should apply the product generously and then gently towel off the roots so you hair gets clean but not weighed down.

When should I use No-Rinse Hair Wash?

Use on days when you don’t want to shampoo your hair or you find yourself reaching for dry shampoo. We recommend using regular shampoo and water on your hair 1-2 times per week.

How many times can I use No-Rinse Hair Wash per week?

We recommend shampooing your hair 1-2 times per week with regular shampoo and water. Feel free to use it as many times as you like in between!

What kind of hair is No-Rinse Hair Wash good for?

Most hair types will greatly benefit from the use of No-Rinse Hair Wash, keep in mind that you want to use the proper amount for your type of hair....if you hair is baby fine you should apply foam and gently towel the roots before styling, this will help to keep your hair from getting weighed down.

Should I rinse the foam after I put it in my hair?

NOPE! As the name implies, it’s a NO-RINSE hair wash.. So feel free to apply and blow-dry! No water necessary!

Is No-Rinse Hair Wash OK to use on colored hair?

YES! It actually PROTECTS YOUR COLOR, strengthens your hair and makes your color last longer...thanks amino acids!!

Is No-Rinse Hair Wash safe for Keratin or Brazilian Blowout treatments?

Yes. Since there is no sodium chloride present in our formula it is considered keratin safe.

Can I only use No-Rinse Hair Wash on sweaty hair?

You can use it whenever you feel like you want a quick refresh! Rinse-Free Hair Wash also works on smoke and food smells too. So go cozy up to that camp fire!

What is the difference between No-Rinse Hair Wash and dry shampoo?

Many dry shampoos are full of harsh chemicals like aluminum that are being sprayed onto your scalp and into the air that you breathe. Our formula is non-toxic and does not use any harsh chemicals to work. Instead, we use healthy enzymes to actually deodorize your scalp and a mild surfactant to absorb oils. So breathe easy knowing our enzymes are hard at work.

How many times can I use No-Rinse Hair Wash per week?

We recommend shampooing your hair 1-2 times per week with regular shampoo and water. Feel free to use it as many times as you like in between!

Is No-Rinse Hair Wash healthier for your hair than dry shampoo?

Yes our formula is actually good for your hair. It strengthens and protects color without any residue or harsh chemicals. Dry shampoo leaves a residue on hair, absorbing natural oils which dries out the hair and leaves it feeling brittle and susceptible to breakage.

Can I use No-Rinse Hair Wash with other products?

Yes! Although you probably won’t need much because No-Rinse Hair wash has a little hold, you can style as usual and use the same products you use every day. If you are using a hold product you might use a slight bit less.


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