No time? No problem. - Fab hair from gym to happy hour.

Cut the rinse, boost your confidence - The no-fuss secret to fabulous hair 24/7.

No time? No problem. - Fab hair from gym to happy hour

Cut the rinse, boost your confidence - The no-fuss secret to fabulous hair 24/7.

Girl, we feel you.

You want to crush your workouts but don't want to deal with flat, lifeless hair afterwards. Or maybe you're just too busy to wash your hair every day.

We get it - bad hair days suck.

But what if we told you there was a way to have great hair that actually lasts between washes?

A way to look and feel confident to take on anything, whether it's a high intensity workout or a big meeting?

Well, there is!

Introducing our revolutionary no-rinse hair wash.

This game-changing formula is “hair sanitizer meets hair deodorizer meets leave-in conditioner" - minus the nasty residue and weird smells.

Just a few pumps will get your hair fresh and fab without a drop of water.

Curious how it works its magic? Here's the tea:

1. Kiss Funky Post-Gym Hair Goodbye 👋

We've all been there - you crush your workout but are left with flat, stinky hair. Not cute! But our no-rinse formula is here to save those struggling strands.

Our signature plant-powered enzymes act like odor erasers to neutralize sweat and bacteria, leaving your locks fresh and fab. Whether it's spin class, yoga, or HIIT, your hair will go from drab to fab with just a few pumps. No rinse required!

2. Transformed Your Locks

No matter your hair type - straight, curly, wavy, or color-treated - this magical elixir has got your locks covered. You don't have to worry about nasty stuff like sulfates or ingredients that strip your hair.

Our formula is all about treating your strands right while making them look gorgeously touchable. So go ahead, embrace your natural texture and rock those curls, waves, or super sleek strands! Our no-rinse wash enhances your hair's natural beauty without harsh chemicals. Hello, hair goals!

3. Changing the Hair Game for Good

Sometimes, you just need a pick-me-up in-between wash days and that is why Unsubscribe was born. We are here to put an end to lackluster no-wash days or eliminating aerosol bottles. Unsubscribe’s No-Rinse Hair Wash is a foam formula that applies wet and dries down quickly.

A different formula designed specifically to treat sweat-ridden hair. Made with amino acids, enzymes and spa-worthy extracts, this no-rinse wash doesn’t contain some of the typical ingredients you would find in a dry shampoo. 

4. Hello, Convenience!

Let's be real - washing your hair after every time you sweat can be a pain, especially if you're busy living that nonstop lifestyle. It can also be harsh on your scalp to overdo it with shampoo.

But that's where our no-rinse formula brings the convenient solution you've been dreaming of. Just pump a little in your hands, work through your strands, and go! No rinsing or fussing required. It's the perfect fit for an active gal like you who's always on the move.

Whether you're rushing from the gym to work or squeezing in a workout before happy hour, our no-rinse wash has your hair covered in mere minutes. We're all about that fast and fab life!

5. Rave Reviews for Days

Word about our no-rinse formula is spreading like wildfire! With major press like HypeBae, Glamour, and Allure - people are buzzing about this innovative take on post-workout hair.

Why not join the hype and see what our magical no-rinse formula can do for your locks? We know you'll become a fangirl too!

Best No-Rinse Hair Wash

"I Love this stuff. I've never had anything like it. I actually smell good after using it post hot yoga and it's the only product that has ever worked on my kinky hair!"

Britt T.

- Kinky Hair

gym bag essential

"I get the 3 pack every month, I really swear by it. It's super easy to apply and it doesn't weigh down my hair! I bring it to the gym with me, then leave on at work and at my boyfriends!"

Nadine M. 

- Wavy Hair 

A Game freaken changer

"This was the perfect hair product on my recent work trip. It kept my hair feeling fresh and I didn't have to wash it the entire weekend which included 2 hotel workouts, and a busy work schedule."

Stacey L

- Straight Hair

Get Your No-Rinse Glow-Up

Ready to take your hair game to new heights? Join the club and try our award-winning no-rinse formula today!

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This magic in a bottle is designed by celebrity stylist Brianna Dunning, so you know your strands will look salon-fabulous.

What are you waiting for? Your hair's new BFF is calling your name!

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