Top 5 Reasons Why No-Rinse Hair Wash is the Ultimate Solution for Your Active Lifestyle

Simplify & Save Your Hair Care Routine: See How No-Rinse Hair Wash Tackles Your Active Lifestyle Challenges Head-On.

Top 5 Reasons Why No-Rinse Hair Wash is The Ultimate Solution for Your Active Lifestyle

Simplify Your Hair Care Routine: Discover How No-Rinse Hair Wash Tackles Your Active Lifestyle Challenges Head-On.

1. Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors

One of the most common problems faced by active individuals is the gross smell that comes after a sweaty workout. 

This is where our No-Rinse Hair Wash comes into play. Our signature enzymes neutralize bacteria and the smells that come from sweat, leaving your hair smelling clean and fresh even after an intense pilates class. 

2. Perfect for YOUR Hair Type

Whether your locks are straight, curly, wavy, or color - treated, this magical potion has got you covered! So, no need to worry about the nasty stuff like SLS or harsh stripping ingredients—our formula is all about giving you gorgeous hair while treating it correctly at the same time.

3. We (And You) Are Truly Changing The Hair Space

The Unsubscribe is leading the way for sustainability. Not only is the Shampoo cruelty-free (and shipped in 100% compostable packaging), but it is also made without any harmful chemicals so that we can be kind to you and our planet.

Our No-Rinse Hair Wash contains green tea and chamomile extracts that soothe your scalp, reducing irritation and providing a calming effect.

4. Convenience at Its Best

Washing your hair after every workout can be a hassle (and harmful to your scalp) especially if you're always on the go. 

That's the beauty of our No-Rinse Hair Wash; it requires no rinsing. Just pump, apply, style if you please, and go! It's the perfect solution for those who live an active lifestyle.

5. People Absolutely Love Our 

No-Rinse Hair Wash 

Our No-Rinse Hair wash has over 5,000+ 5 star reviews and has been featured in multiple publications like HypeBae, GC, & Allure. Find out why hundreds shop with The Unsubscribe.

Best No-Rinse Hair Wash

"I Love this stuff. I've never had anything like it. I actually smell good after using it post hot yoga and it's the only product that has ever worked on my kinky hair!"

Britt T.

- Kinky Hair

gym bag essential

"I get the 3 pack every month, I really swear by it. It's super easy to apply and it doesn't weigh down my hair! I bring it to the gym with me, then leave on at work and at my boyfriends!"

Nadine M. 

- Wavy Hair 

A Game freaken changer

"This was the perfect hair product on my recent work trip. It kept my hair feeling fresh and I didn't have to wash it the entire weekend which included 2 hotel workouts, and a busy work schedule."

Stacey L

- Straight Hair

Save 10% when you try it today with discount code: HAIRWASH10 (applied at checkout)

Our Award Winning Organic No-Rinse Hair Wash is designed by celebrity hair stylish - Brianna Dunning. 

Save 10% when you try No Rinse Hair Wash with discount code: HAIRWASH10 (applied at checkout)

Try our award winning organic no-rinse hairwash that cleans and strengthens hair on-the-go.

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