Unsubscribe's No-Rinse Hair Wash Made Me Ditch Dry Shampoo - HypeBae Beauty

Unsubscribe's No-Rinse Hair Wash Made Me Ditch Dry Shampoo - HypeBae Beauty

This week’s Editor’s Pick is the ultimate hair refresher. 

By now, we all know that shampooing your hair everyday is major no-no — washing too frequently can dry out your strands, leaving them brittle and prone to breakage. Protecting our locks from breakage is all well and good, but exercise, sweating and generally living life can leave your scalp feeling overly oily or smelling strange. Sometimes, you just need a pick-me-up in-between wash days.

For years, I used dry shampoo to stave off oil and dirt. However, the products I tried never smelled particularly tantalizing or felt refreshing. Most dry shampoos are made from fine powder — often cornstarch or kaolin, a type of clay — to absorb grease. This powdery, talc-like formula always managed to coat my hands and hairbrush in a filmy residue that would rub off in flakes. And just hours after applying dry shampoo, my hair would feel flatter and greasier than before.

Unsubscribe, a recently launched haircare brand, is putting an end to lackluster no-wash days. Keep reading for why this week’s Editor’s Pick made me permanently swear off dry shampoo.

WHY IT’S WORTH THE HYPE: Packaged in a compact, purse-friendly bottle (say goodbye to gigantic spray cans), Unsubscribe’s No-Rinse Hair Wash is a foam formula that applies wet and dries down quickly. Instead of using powder to absorb oil, the foam is made with two eco-friendly cleansing agents: sodium cocoyl glutamate and disodium cocoyl glutamate, derived from vegetable oil and coconut respectively. Additional ingredients including arginine, glycine and chamomile flower extract work to condition hair, soothe the scalp and neutralize odor.

Though nothing can rival a long shower, my hair actually looks and feels refreshed after gently rubbing one pump of the foam into my scalp. Though it’s technically a wet formula, the foam dries quickly — if you’re feeling fancy, you can even blow dry it out. Afterwards, your hair will smell subtly perfumed, like green tea and fresh flowers (no more cloying, baby powder-scented dry shampoo).

The wash can be used on all hair types, including coiled and color-treated locks. Unsubscribe’s website has a handy guide explaining how many pumps of foam to use on different types of hair — I have thick, long hair that isn’t dyed, and find that one to two pumps works perfectly. Unlike most dry shampoos, you can use Unsubscribe’s wash in tandem with other styling products, including hair oil.

-HypeBae Beauty Editor, Alexandra Pauly  

May 28, 2021

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