Your Mom Was WRONG

I know, right?! Please don’t be upset.. I’m sure this is not the first time you have discovered some misinformation that your mother lovingly passed on to you. 

I’m assuming that your mom decidedly wanted you to BRUSH YOUR HAIR, but if you have wavy or curly hair, you need to PUT THE BRUSH DOWN!! You see, when you get out of the shower and pass the brush through your locks you are unknowingly committing a wavy/curly hair crime! Breaking up all those luscious waves and curls is a recipe for frizz stretching and separating all of your waves/curls to the brink only to ask them to come back in a good way, most likely with product or scrunching/diffusing the hell out of them leaving your roots flat and your ends are frizzy. Don’t panic, there is a solution! 

Here’s a STEP BY STEP:

  1. DO use a wide tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner is in your hair. 
  2. INSTEAD of rinsing your conditioner with your head back, find your general parting and rinse in the direction your hair will lay. 
  3. RESIST the urge to rake your fingers through your hair!! 
  4. SQUEEZE with a hyper absorbent towel to get the hair dry.. DON’T rub or muss it up! 
  5. DISPERSE product through hair in sections squeezing in as you go.
  6. AVOID temptation to keep touching your hair! Just leave it alone until fully dry! 
  7. ZHUZH up when completely dry! 
  8. WHEN YOU WORK OUT skip the whole routine and just apply some UNSUBSCRIBE Rinse-Free Hair Wash to scalp and hair, then diffuse or let air dry. 

Following these steps will make your textured hair OH SO HAPPY!