It's Time To BREAK UP With Your Ponytail!

Look, we know it's the old reliable and seemingly quickest way to get the hair out of your face while working out. BUT, if you break up with this bad habit you will see benefits you probably didn't even realize you were missing out on... like SHINY HAIR, LESS FRIZZ & LESS BREAKAGE. 

Here's the lowdown, when you put your hair up in a tight ponytail the tension is going onto one point on the hair.... then you sweat and your hair gets wet, which makes it WEAKER (even MORE SO if your hair is highlighted or colored!!).... thennn you start jumping around like you're a backup dancer for Cardi B and that actually causes BREAKAGE.  Thennn you get done working out and impatiently rip the ponytail holder out, taking a bunch of your hair with it, so you can rush to get showered and get to work! You know who you are.. if you have hair wrapped around the ponytail holder you are SO BUSTED!

 "So what?" you say! "What's a little breakage gonna hurt if I can twerk like it's my birthday? I've been doing this for years!"

If you have been trapped in the ponytail cycle for years you probably have so much breakage that you now THINK your hair has "changed" or "is frizzy" which in turn causes you to blowdry and heat style even more, keeping you stuck like Chuck in this vicious ponytail cycle. 

THE ANSWER? There will be a different solution for everyone, depending on what kind of workouts you like, your hair type and your skill level.  

  1. The first thing you can do is try to change your thinking about your hair being pulled SO TIGHT while you work out. You will be surprised that unless you are doing a crazy workout the hair should stay pretty well with minimal effort. 
  2. Next try a scrunchie - YES I SAID SCRUNCHIE! There are some super cool options out there!  Try DONNI or FREE PEOPLE for some cuties.. or that phone cord looking thing is good too - try one here from KITSCH. The idea here is to take the direct tension away from the hair. 
  3. If you have a little more skill you can do a low braid with a small elastic on the end. This won't be super tight but should keep the hair out of your face and keep you looking cute while you go warrior status. Throw a bandana or cute fabric around your head if you're worried about layered pieces falling in your face. And you can bobby pin it in place for even more security. 
  4. The highest level of skill is the french or dutch braid. If you can do this it's the tightest but you still don't want to wrench it too hard.. too much tension is the problema.. 

Just remember, less tension! Over time your hair will TRANSFORM! I'm not lying! Try it for a few months and you will be shocked with the results! NOW IF WE CAN JUST GET YOU TO STOP SHAMPOOING EVERY DAY!!