Our products revolutionize your workout/life balance giving you an alternative to traditional showering methods.

Each product in our hair and skin collection features our Signature Healthy Enzymes which keep you fresh by balancing unwanted bacteria which lead to some not-so-fresh smells, so go ahead, work out as hard as you can and then hit that brunch!

Skip the shower and skip right back into action with UNSUBSCRIBE.

What is Rinse-Free Hair Wash?

A cleansing foam that balances bad bacteria and oils after a workout, it's strengthening too!

How do I use Rinse-Free Hair Wash?

After you workout, regardless of how sweaty your hair is, apply the foam throughout the hair and style as usual. That’s right- if you normally blowdry hair, blowdry in your typical style… if you would usually air dry go ahead and let it air dry! Don’t worry, the enzymes are doing their work to deodorize and clean your scalp.

When should I use Rinse-Free Hair Wash?

Use on days when you don’t want to shampoo your hair. We recommend only using shampoo on your hair 2 times per week for most people to avoid damage and stripping the hair of it’s essential oils.

Should I rinse the foam after I put it in my hair?

NOPE! As the name implies, it’s a RINSE-FREE hair wash.. So feel free to apply and blowdry! No water necessary!

What kind of hair is Rinse-Free Hair Wash good for?

Most hair types will benefit from the use of Rinse-Free Hair Wash, keep in mind that you want to use the proper amount for your type of hair.... more hair, more foam....less hair, less foam.

Is Rinse-Free Hair Wash OK to use on colored hair?

It's MORE THAN OK to use on colored hair, it actually PROTECTS COLOR, strengthens hair and makes color last longer since you won't be shampooing your hair daily!!

Is Rinse-Free Hair Wash safe for Keratin or Brazilian Blowout treatments?

Yes. Since there is no sodium chloride present in our formula it is considered keratin safe.


Briana Dunning

Briana’s 20-year career as a hairstylist began in London as an apprentice at Toni&Guy Academy. She subsequently trained and honed her craft for years taking on her own pupils as a true expert in the field.

Briana currently serves her loyal clients and a roster of celebrities out of Striiike Studios in Beverly Hills. Between prepping celebs for big events and working fashion and advertising shoots, she developed an industry-wide preferred technique for modern perming.

She brings an uncommon love for chemistry to the cosmetology industry which she’s now using to develop the perfect product for her clients and the world with UNSUBSCRIBE.

Joanne Gruber

Joanne’s career began in the early days of the dot-com boom as a Content Marketing Manager for Mike Ovitz and Ron Burkle at Checkout.com on the affiliate marketing team.

After taking some time to raise her lovely boys in their early years she started The Closet Stylist which she successfully ran for over 10 years providing exceptional bespoke service to elite private clients. When she was ready to move on she became a freelance Event Producer. She produced major events for SpaceX, Amazon, Hennessy, Madonna, Pepsi, BMW, and many more.

She now is consulting as an events specialist for a private bank while she grows her next business venture, she’s taking her passion for wellness and years of strategic, creative experience to find the perfect workout/life balance she’s always sought with UNSUBSCRIBE.